Community Guidelines

Welcome to In the Loop! We’re so happy you’re here to share your experiences with us and the rest of the enrollment specialist community. Ensuring a productive and positive community experience requires mutual respect, and shared rules. We ask you to please use these community guidelines to shape the information you share, and how you share it.

In the Loop is an online community to connect enrollment assisters with each other and disseminate synthesized information about health insurance enrollment and eligibility in plain language. First and foremost, all site activity should support and serve these purposes. We constantly analyze what’s posted to the site, identify trends and commonalities and strive to deliver timely, relevant content on an ongoing basis. At times, we may contact you for additional information about a consumer to help troubleshoot an issue.

This site helps all of us by being a private space for conversations. Please do not give anyone access to your account (actually, it would be great if you don’t mention In the Loop to those not eligible to join the community). It is also really important that you do not mention In the Loop to any press outlets or reporters, and please don’t post anything about or from In the Loop on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.).

Here are the basic guidelines:

  • Use your real name when registering. This is a best practice for online communities; it helps keep the discussions smart and civil. Each user may create only one profile with any given email address. We also suggest you add your picture and bio to your profile.
  • Be professional. Comments that include profanity, degrading language, personal attacks, or other inappropriate language will be removed from the community.
  • Be respectful. Please help us foster an open, safe, positive community environment by respecting other user’s posts.

We encourage you to:

  • Post information regarding your enrollment experiences.
  • Provide answers, recommendations for resources, or guidance to other users.
  • Share solutions you have encountered or discovered.
  • Identify problems or difficulties you have encountered with any suggested solutions.
  • Provide meaningful feedback if you are echoing concerns, rather than just “piling on” to a negative conversation.

We ask that you do not:

  • Debate the pros/cons over health care reform in general.
  • Include personal information about clients, consumers or enrollees (e.g. name, application number, address, birthdate, age, SSN, phone numbers, etc.).
  • Post musings or rhetorical questions about reform or implementation.
  • Advertise or publicize products, services or events that are not in response to a community members’ request or are not related to one of In the Loop’s categories or topics.
  • Agitate others by unnecessarily “piling” on to concerns individuals have posted.


Our staff constantly monitor the site and occasionally come across information that may be inaccurate. We reserve the ability to edit or take down any inaccurate posts in an effort to keep information on the site as accurate as possible. While some have suggested that we respond to an incorrect post with another post correcting the original one, we found that can lead to confusion. So if a post contains inaccurate information, we will either contact you to correct it or let you know if we decide to take it down. If you see a post you think has inaccurate information, please email one of our community managers.

Consequences of misuse

Our staff will monitor the site, and will receive user reports if community standards are violated. To flag inappropriate content, or misuse, please email us. While we trust users to behave appropriately, our community managers will retain final authority on consequences for misuse.

  • First warning- Our community managers will notify the user of the infraction, and the post or comment may be edited, removed or flagged as inconsistent with our standards.
  • Second warning- The user will be notified that their account function will be suspended for two weeks. Users will be able to view content but not participate in discussions etc.
  • Dismissal- If a user commits three infractions, the user’s account will be closed and his/her email address will be placed on our “block” list.

Your participation is governed by the standards described here, and in our Terms of Service. By posting and participating in any aspect of this site, you indicate that you accept our Community Standards and Terms of Service.